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The Classic Donzi Registry is a collective of information about the ALL models of a boat called DONZI. We hope to preserve this, deserved, special place in marine history by presenting information and documentation of all Donzi boats produced .

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In April, 1997 the entire effort consists of four sheets of literature and one member. in 2000 we are almost 200 boats strong!
If you have, or know of, a Donzi we would gratefully appreciate any contact.


At age 33, Don Aronow moved to Florida after prospering as a real estate developer in New Jersey. In 1962 his first raceboat was designed by Jim Wynne. In collaboration with designers Walt Walters & Wynne, Aronow founded the Formula Boat Company and launched the Formula 233 to win the Miami-Nassau race. In 1963 he launched a 27' Formula designed by Dick Bertram and Peter Gurke. 

The first DONZI, a 28 foot, deep-vee was designed by Jim Wynne in 1964. He won Miami-Nassau in 1965 but sold the company in 1966. He then started Magnum Marine with his own designs. Aronow died in 1987. 

(all the above was lifted from Henry Rasmussen's book MUSCLE BOATS published by Motorbooks Intl. in 1988) 

The rest of this is going to be chopped bits 'til I get a little more information: 

  1. The owners of DONZI from 1967 thru '71 were the brothers, Tim & John Chisholm. The production manager was a Mr. Roy Farmer.
  2. Teleflex, the maker of steering systems and controls owned the company for some period.
  3. A very helpful man, Ron Smythe, at Teleflex still remembers making the cast instrument panels.
  4. Richard Genth Genth sold his share of Murray Chris-Craft and now, with partner, Tampa businessman Jack Staples, took over Donzi March 29, 1985.
  5. OMC purchased Donzi Marine from early 89 through 1993.
  6. American Marine Holdings purchased Donzi in 1994.
  7. After financial issues Baja became the new owners of Donzi in 2012

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